Book Review – Companions of Christian Rosenkreutz

The contents of the book are the collected papers – ranging from 2008-2016 – of the ‘Companions of Christian Rosenkreutz’; those members of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA) who have been recognised for their outstanding research and scholarship in connection with the Society.

The back cover copy states:

The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia is the oldest independent society of Rosicrucian Freemasons in the world, its members being Master Masons of Lodges recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.

The ‘Rosicrucian Society of England’, or ‘Brethren of the Rosy Cross’ as they were originally named, held their first meeting on the 1 June 1867 at the George Hotel, Aldermanbury, in the very centre of the City of London.

Since that date, groups around the world have met to extend their researches into the hidden mysteries of nature and science.

Each year, three members of the society are made Companions of Christian Rosenkreutz in recognition of their outstanding researches and scholarship rendered to the society.

This book collects together for the first time many of these papers since the award’s inception in 2008.

Within you will find thoughts and ideas of Rosicrucians from all walks of life, covering many different areas of interest and exploring the multitude of ways that Rosicrucianism can be viewed as a living tradition relevant to the modern world.

The papers presented here highlight the living tradition of Love and Light that Rosicrucianism represents, displaying a wide range of expertise and knowledge of benefit to all those who seek to walk the Path of Truth.

The Editor of the book, R. A. Gordon states that the collected papers ‘are as eclectic and multi-faceted as the membership of the SRIA itself’, and he’s not wrong!

There are twenty-four papers in the book that are  wide-ranging, albeit within the scope of the studies and subject matter relevant to the Society.

As an example, we find fairly recognisable subjects such as –

‘Sacred Science’ (Norman Bartholomew) or

‘What was the Original Intention of the “Rosicrucian Manifestos”‘ (Derek Bain) or even,

‘Pi in the Sky (or) Numbers: A Universal Language’ (Dr Donald J. Woodgate);

but then there are some rather more eclectic papers –

‘The Tree! A Mirror!’ (Markwin Seur), or the enigmatically titled ‘Qi’ (Daniel Turner). 

Supreme Magus John R. Paternoster makes clear in his introduction that the papers ‘vary in complexity’, but explains that this is not important as the works were judged taking into account the author’s Grade within the SRIA.

This is encouraging for aspiring researchers in the group who perhaps might feel hesitant to write feeling that to be considered for the Companion of Christian Rosenkreutz Award is only for those of academic standing.

This variation in ‘complexity’ is perhaps only noticeable in some cases by the fact that some papers are fully referenced, whilst other are not.

The editor also advises that these papers were intended to be presented orally and may lose some of the ‘different rhythms’ in print form; this is indeed one of the pitfalls of published papers, they can perhaps seem somewhat flat when read out of context.

Several papers have been translated into English but in all cases the author’s ‘voice’ has been retained.

The book has a striking cover but the print format is somewhat lacking in the same lustre.

Strangely, the chapter title pages start on the verso (left-hand) page, which is counter to most book layouts whereby title pages are traditionally on the recto (right-hand) page.

The same topsy-turvy design is used for what is known as ‘running headers and footers’ – normally book/chapter titles appear at the top of the page, and page numbers at the bottom.

Publishing nit-picking aside, it is a superb book for those interested in the multi-faceted subjects surrounding the esoteric, and of course, Rosicrucianism in particular.

Companions of Christian Rosenkreutz

Edited by R. A. Gordon 

A collection of stunning papers from great Rosicrucian scholars.

For deep thinkers with an interest in hidden mysteries, this book really is a gem.

Contained within are specialist articles containing rare knowledge on a vast variety of subjects presented together for the first time. Just some of the exciting subjects you will discover in the volume: What was the intention of the original Rosicrucian manifestos?

Read a potted guide to the oriental mystery of Qi. An exploration the history of man’s quest for powerful knowledge.

The secret Buddhist scheme of creation and its relation to the Kabbalah The four ancients and the tradition of mastery of the four elements.

Why did Christian Rosencrantz go to Damcar in Arabia and what did he learn there?

What was the first diagram of the Kabbalistic tree and how did this evolve?

From Master Mason to Rosicrucian Adept. How does one level of mastery lead to the next?


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