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Welcome to the July issue of The Square

It’s slightly unnerving to realise that time has flown by and we have passed the Solstice – the longest day – on 21 June, and also the Masonic Feast Day of St John the Baptist on the 24th.

It was even more unnerving when a Masonic friend on Facebook gleefully posted that it is only six months to Christmas…do I hear a collective groan? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but I really don’t want to be reminded of it just yet!

In the meantime, we have another interesting, thought-provoking and colourful issue this month:


Bro Chris Hatton offers a warm tribute and a fascinating look at veteran Freemason Andrew Stephenson, the house in Blackheath and the Blackheath Degrees.

Andrew was, for many years, the host of the Blackheath Degrees within his eclectic Temple loft…in that house in Blackheath.

Masonic Miscellanies has a lovely bunch of rosettes for you to feast your eyes on.

In Masonic Blogs we look at the Southern California Research Lodge, home of the Fraternal Review magazine, and there’s a highlight of a brilliant article on ‘Equilibrium in Fight Club and Freemasonry’.


Paul Gardner returns to offer us An Olympic Interlude – featuring the story of the Olympian alumni of Kent Lodge No. 15.




What is it that connects a very old, well-known Crieff family, with a former President of the United States of America?

Time travel to the age of the Gold Rush in Kenneth Jack’s Freemasonry & Fraternalism in 19th and 20th Century California: A Scottish Connection to find out the answer.


What is digital art? What is an NFT? And how can we make/buy one?!

All the answers are here in Masonic Art NFT.


Craig Weightman takes us on ‘The Mason’s Journey’ – comparing Freemasonry with the classic hero quests of old.


We have a superb profile of Navy Lodge No. 2612 by David Swain – a lodge for for princes, kings, explorers, and more than a handful of generals and admirals.



Brother Hogarth treats us to more hidden-in-plain-view Masonic symbolism as Hogarth’s Harlot Reveals All.

Our regular features are there as usual, full of interesting facts, books and reviews, and of course – Masonic knowledge.

Enjoy the magazine and (hopefully) some sunshine wherever you are!

Until next time, stay well –

Philippa Lee


Article by: Philippa Lee. Editor

Philippa Lee (writes as Philippa Faulks) is the author of eight books, an editor and researcher.

Philippa was initiated into the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (HFAF) in 2014.

Her specialism is ancient Egypt, Freemasonry, comparative religions and social history. She has several books in progress on the subject of ancient and modern Egypt.  Selection of Books Online at Amazon

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