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The website is an online platform dedicated to providing comprehensive information about Portuguese Freemasonry.

This article aims to provide a thorough overview of the website’s content, design, and purpose, highlighting its key features, resources, and significance within the Freemasonry community.

Website Design and Navigation:

The website boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design, ensuring easy navigation for visitors.

The homepage features a clean layout with a visually appealing combination of text, images, and interactive elements.

The menu bar allows visitors to explore various sections of the website, including an introduction to Freemasonry, history, rituals, symbolism, and frequently asked questions.

A search function is also available to help users quickly find specific information.

Introduction to Freemasonry:

The website begins by providing a comprehensive introduction to Portuguese Freemasonry, explaining its core principles, values, and objectives.

It delves into the historical origins of Freemasonry, tracing its roots back to medieval stonemasons’ guilds and the Renaissance period.

The section also sheds light on the structure and hierarchy of Freemasonry, explaining the roles of lodges, grand lodges, and the significance of the Masonic degrees.

History and Tradition: offers an in-depth exploration of the rich history and tradition of Freemasonry. This section discusses influential figures in Masonic history, such as James Anderson and Albert Mackey, and highlights significant events that shaped the organization over the centuries.

Visitors can learn about the evolution of Freemasonry across different countries and cultures, highlighting its global reach and impact.

Rituals and Symbols:

One of the distinctive aspects of Freemasonry is its rituals and symbolism. The website provides a detailed account of Masonic rituals, ceremonies, and initiation processes.

It explains the significance of symbolic tools, such as the square and compass, and their deeper philosophical meanings.

The section helps demystify some of the misconceptions surrounding Masonic rituals, offering an informative and educational perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To address common queries and misconceptions, dedicates a section to frequently asked questions about Freemasonry.

It covers a wide range of topics, including membership requirements, beliefs, charitable activities, and the relationship between Freemasonry and religion.

The section aims to dispel myths and provide accurate information to those seeking to understand Freemasonry better.

Publications and Resources:

The website serves as a valuable resource hub for Freemasons and non-members alike. It offers a collection of publications, articles, and books related to Freemasonry, allowing visitors to explore the subject in greater depth.

Additionally, the website provides links to other reputable Masonic websites, Masonic lodges, and affiliated organizations, facilitating further research and networking opportunities for those interested.

Community Engagement and Charitable Work: emphasizes the social and philanthropic aspects of Freemasonry. It highlights the charitable endeavors undertaken by Freemasons, showcasing their contributions to society through various initiatives.

Visitors can learn about charitable projects supported by Freemasonry, such as scholarships, community development programs, and disaster relief efforts. This section serves to demonstrate the positive impact Freemasonry has on local communities.

In conclusion, is a well-structured and informative website that offers a comprehensive overview of Freemasonry.

Through its detailed exploration of history, rituals, symbolism, and philanthropic endeavors, the website serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in understanding Freemasonry’s principles and values.

By promoting transparency, dispelling myths, and providing accurate information, the website contributes to a broader awareness of Freemasonry’s role in society.

Whether one is a Mason or a curious observer, this website serves as an excellent platform for exploring and learning about the ancient traditions and enduring legacy of Freemasonry.



About the Site Owner


António Jorge has a degree in Systems Management and Information Technologies, an MBA in Marketing and a PhD in Strategic Management.

He was a University Manager and Professor for most of my life.

António’s journey in Freemasonry can be summarized as follows:

Started in R:. L:. Mestre Affonso Domingues, nº 5 (GLLP / GLRP), on 10.10.1998
Elevated to Master on 6.12.2000
Master installed on 27.10.2010
Venerable Master of R:. L:. Mestre Affonso Domingues, nº5 (GLLP / GLRP) in the Masonic year 6010/6011
Member of R:. L:. D. Fernando II, nº 118 (GLLP / GLRP), from 2019 to 2021.
Member of R:. L:. Conde de Paraty, nº155 (GLLP / GLRP) since June 2021
Auxiliary Master of R:. L:. Myosotis, #124 (GLLP / GLRP), since 9/13/2019
Auxiliary Master of R:. L:. Mestre Affonso Domingues, nº 5 (GLLP / GLRP), since 25.09.2019
Venerable Master of R:. L:. Conde de Paraty, nº 155 (GLLP / GLRP) in the Masonic year 6022/6023

António Jorge is a member of other structures:

Supreme Council for Portugal of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the 33rd and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (Degree 29)
Excellency Council of Adonhiramita Freemasonry for Portugal (Grade 21)
Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem (Commendation of Sintra)
Societas Rosicruciana In Lusitania

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