For Hills and Valleys

Aires Henriques’ latest book For Hills and Valleys, Mobile Schools and Republicanism in the Zêzere Valley is dedicated to Casimiro Freire and to those who dedicated themselves to the great national literacy work begun in 1882, through the Association of Mobile Schools by the method of the poet João de Deus, whose first mission took place in Castanheira de Pera with the support of the then Visconde (António Alves Bebiano) in a house that today belongs to Kalidas Berreto

In addition to the biographies, Casimiro Freire contains several others on prominent/illustrious figures from the municipalities of:

Castanheira de Pera = the brothers Augusto and Abílio Baeta das Neves Barreto;

Pedrógão Grande = José Jacinto Nunes and his illustrious uncles João Jacinto Fernandes and Joaquim António Jacinto;

Figueiró dos Vinhos = sculptors José Simões de Almeida, José Malhoa and Abílio Lopes dos Reis;

Sertã = Carlos Ehrhardt, Custódio Martins de Paiva (defender in 1914 of the administrative autonomy of Castanheira de Pera), Joaquim Henriques Vidigal;

Cernache do Bonjardim = Abílio Correia da Silva Marçal, and Abílio David; etc.


It is a book aimed mainly at scholars of republicanism, popular education and instruction at national level, and it is of the greatest interest to know and disseminate this portrait of a reality and a time of affirmation of the values of freedom, justice, tolerance and fraternity universal.

The book contains 482 pages and is profusely illustrated, namely with objects from the Collection of the Museum of the Republic and Freemasonry.

The book will be on sale for the PRICE of 30 euros / ex., With postage included. Orders should be sent to the author Aires Henriques at:



Museum of the Republic and Freemasonry Pedrógão Grande

The Museum of the Republic and Freemasonry is one of three rare museums of its type existing in Portugal and Spain.

The other two are located in Lisbon (Portuguese Masonic Museum/Great Lusitanian Orient)

And in Salamanca (general archive of la guerra civil de Spain).

It is a private museum, composed of four collections of objects on:

1) The Portuguese Republic, with a vast collection of busts and iconography.

2) Portuguese Freemasonry, with exposure of Masonic instruments and paraments; and

3) The ‘new state’ period and popular resistance.

4) 2nd great world war and civil war of Spain.


The museum displays various other collections of a documental and ethnographic character, which integrate a named ‘cultural centre for migrant ‘ratinha’ [mouse]’.

In its scope, the following main collections stand out:

1) Objects of worship and Jewish and Christian practice.

2) Artisanal objects and pastoral labour; with connection to internal migrations.

3) Popular musical instruments.

4) Textile instruments connected to wool and linen.

5) Popular ceramics (said ‘ratinha’ [mouse]), from the Alcobaça, Coimbra, Soure and Ourém regions.

6) Historic and socio-political ceramics.

7) Ceramics from Caldas da Rainha, from Bordalo Pinheiro school and its followers.


Museu da Republica e Maconaria,
Rua da Capela,
Troviscal Cimeiros 3270 -154 Pedrógão Grand


Tel: 919856297

Maçons de Pedra e Cal A Maçonaria ao Vale do Zêzere
(Portuguese Edition)

This book is yet another valuable contribution to a better understanding of the History of Freemasonry in the region on which it focuses. It is yet another stone, and very significant, in the construction of the History of Masonry in Portugal.


Este livro constitui mais um valioso contributo para o melhor conhecimento da História da Maçonaria na região sobre a qual incide. É mais uma pedra, e muito significativa, na construção da História da Maçonaria em Portugal.



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