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The Walking Charge and other Masonic Performance Pieces

by  Cornelius Sinclair


A compendium of Masonic performances to be used either in Lodge or at the festive board.

Within this book you will find the famous ‘Walking Charge of the Third Degree’ which is an increasingly popular feature of presentations to those newly raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

There are also several historic charges from historic Freemasonry that were presented to the newly initiated Mason explaining, in a ritual presentation, the history of the Craft and the morality associated with the Masonic system.

Lastly you will find in this useful and attractively presented volume variations of the Masonic toasts (not in common use but not entirely extinct) and poetry ideal for the festive board.

This excellent and useful companion to Freemasonry is a must have for those wishing to expand their Masonic knowledge or add to their Masonic presentations and performances.’



Masonic Words and Phrases


New Masons quickly learn that many unfamiliar words and phrases are employed in our symbolic teachings.

Our words are not haphazardly selected, but have deep symbolic and historic significance. 

Masonic Word and Phrases is a wonderful collection of the most often used words and phrases in Masonry.

Presented in an easy to read and understandable format, this work provides any student of Masonry with a clear understanding of the meaning of our many phrases and words so seldom used outside of Masonry. 

This work is valuable to the experienced Mason as a quick and handy reference guide. For the new Mason, however, it is an indispensable work and one that should augment any Masonic education program.



The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation


Freemasonry has a deep purpose which can be overlooked in the rush of the modern world.

Its ritual says it is a high and serious subject. But how can an individual discover the truths it outlines?

How do you become an Initiate and a Master?

A new, spiritually-aware generation is asking this question and demanding answers.

This book responds in an unexpectedly visual way. Using words and images it leads you through the spiritual stages of Masonic knowledge.

The Craft teaches that each new apprentice shall find a teacher to gain instruction.

The open Lodge is not the place for instruction but a place for living out truths which should be taught privately by contemplation of symbols. Robert Lomas has spent thirty years as a University teacher, and twenty years studying Freemasonry and its ritual.

In this book he shares his personal insight into the Craft, explains his understanding of its ritual and outlines the steps a Mason must take to find self-knowledge.

His words are illuminated by the unique symbolic drawings of two masters of Masonic Tracing board design.

The purpose of Freemasonry is to help its members become Initiates in the science of Life.

If you want to know yourself, then Freemasonry offers a path to that knowledge.

It is a spiritual adventure, fit for the athletic and adventurous mind. The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation reveals that path.



Keys to Leadership:
How to Serve in the East


Tools to help those who want to, are currently, or have served in the Masonic Order 


Keys to Leadership 2:
Members vs. Membership


An organization can be affected by its members just as might as the members can be affected by the organization. This project discusses both aspects and how to possibly remedy the situation.



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