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This book makes the perfect guide for anyone wanting to explore the hidden Masonic history of York.

Being both educational and entertaining it is filled with new photos and easy-to-understand references and maps, all aimed at assisting the reader in discovering the city’s ancient Masonic history in a visual fashion.

There are literally thousands of Masonic references in the ancient city of York; from the mysterious medieval Masons loft in the Minster (which is resplendent in Masons’ marks, Masonic stained glass windows and Masonic symbols) to the beautiful Masonic Hall at Duncombe Place.

York has traces of Freemasonry in abundance, and a history of speculative Masonry dating to 1600. Duncombe Place is also the location of the Grand Lodge of York’s rare manuscripts, and this new Masonic guide book of York will include never-before-seen photos of the rolls and manuscripts of this early, independent Grand Lodge.

Additionally, the book takes the reader on a tour of the old pubs where the ancient St. John’s Lodges met, and the early Masonic symbolism that decorates the beautiful Georgian town houses of York.




By Ron Selby


This book is written to assist those contemplating joining one of the numerous additional degrees in Freemasonry or to aid those who have joined a degree and are looking for more information on the Order that they have joined.

It gives a history of the various Degrees and Orders, the requirements for joining them, and the reasons each Degree could be of value as the next step for the candidate to take.

Aiming to be  comprehensive, What Next really goes into detail, being extensively illustrated, showing the regalia and jewels of the Orders and where possible, there is a non-disclosure description of the ceremonies and various stages of advancement through the order.

Up to date information on entry requirement and how to contact the headquarters of the Degrees is also given.




by Duncan Moore


A complete guide to the Royal Arch Degree and its Symbolism

The Royal Arch has been rightly described as the ‘root, heart and marrow’ of Freemasonry.

Moore looks at the Degree from its somewhat obscure origins and possible ancestries, through its growth in the 18th century and the position after the Union of the two preceding Grand Lodges in 1813.

The development of Royal Arch Masonry since then is considered with an analysis of its symbolism and the functions of its officers and an in-depth explanation of the lectures of the degree.

The book concludes with some advice to Companions new and old as to how to get the most out of your Chapter membership and some brief descriptions of how the Degree is practised in other parts of the world.



The Secrets of Solomon’s Temple

by Kevin Gest


Discover the hidden secret that lies at the heart of FreemasonryThe Secrets of Solomon’s Temple explores the background of Freemasonry and presents it in a new and fascinating context as it relates to our modern world.

It also reveals the true identity of King Solomon and shows his Temple in a way it’s never been explored before.  


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